Hello Fellow Campers!

My name is Kim Matz.  I have lived in southern and central Minnesota all my life.  I am 58 years old and have been camping in some form or other for the past 50 years…  

My Camping History

My camping life began in my back yard as a child where we hung blankets and sheets from the clothesline to form tents.  We even made dividers for different rooms.  We played in these tents all day and tried to sleep in them all night, but usually got scared and ran into the house before we actually fell asleep!

Throughout my middle-school and high-school years much of my camping was with the Girl Scouts or Church camp.  In girl scouts I learned a lot of the skills that I still use as an adult such as building a fire, tying knots, setting up tents, basic camping etiquette and of course singing around the campfire!

As an adult I have spent the past 30 years camping mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  My husband, Tim, and I have four grown daughters and two grandchildren.  We began our family camping in tents and progressed through the years from tent to pop-up, to A-Frame, to a Mini-Lite to our current camper, a Forest River Rockwood Windjammer, which we are totally in love with!

Why This Website?

During the last few years I have kept a journal of our camping trips with information for future use such as the things we did and saw in the area as well as which campsites were the best and even how the bathrooms and showers were!  Recently I took my journal out to discuss future camping trips with friends.  When I started reading my journal posts to them they suggested I write a camping blog.  That is how I got here!

I am hoping to bring you information on camping in the Upper Midwest, mostly Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I would like to spread the word on how wonderful these states are for enjoying the outdoors.  I also want to spread the word on how fortunate we are to have such beautiful state parks in the area!  I will share my opinions on the camping gear I prefer and tips on how to keep your travels safe, efficient and above all enjoyable!

Happy Camping!


For questions or comments, please contact me at:  kmm@mycampingjournal.com